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Here at Carpets by Russell we offer a huge selection of quality carpets, and With almost 50 years experience, we will help you make the right choice.

smart choiceYou will find all the top Brand Names. Look for 'The Smart Choice' logo, for unbeatable value on quality carpets for your home.

Carpet has been around for a long time, progressing from its purely functional origins as a warmth provider to those of today. Carpets can offer that defining foundation for interior schemes - in our homes, our workplaces and in the places we stay and relax. Carpets offer practical and environmental benefits. They are aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, comfortable, luxurious and warm.

Carpets provide heat insulation and can generate significant energy savings. They create a safe environment providing a non-slip surface, and the ability to soften any impact.Carpets absorb airborne pollutants to give better air quality indoors. They are easy to clean and they reduce noise rather than magnifying it

SAVE WASTE - SAVE MONEY We have carpets to suit all requirements many available in multi-width.

Available in 1m 2m 3m 4m and 5m widths Family friendly carpet that is made from 100% bleach cleanable Zylon Polypropylene. Guaranteed against ALL HOUSEHOLD STAINS.

When (re)furnishing your home, the many advantages of wall-to-wall carpet simply cannot be ignored. No other flooring can bring as much warmth and ambience to your home as carpet. There is nothing as nice as stretching out in front of the fireplace with a good book or your tablet PC beside you. Or perhaps you prefer walking around the room in your bare feet to feel the unique sensation of softness.

associated weaversAvailable 2m; 2.50m; 3m; 4m; 5m widths

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The fibre that a carpet is made of is the heart of the carpet. We have compiled this guide to help you decide which is right for you. Though there are many fibres available with which to make carpet, these days in reality there are only 2 choice, wool and polypropylene.

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Wool is still recognized as one of the best fibres to use in carpet making as it's naturally flame-retardant, durable, cleanable and retains its appearance well. It has natural insulation properties which is good for reducing both heat loss and noise. It's a sustainable fibre, and it's recommended that wool should be used in a blend with other fibres with at least 50% wool.

However, it is more expensive than man-made fibres. The most common carpet fibre blend is 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre mix, as this combines the best properties of both. It is also absorbent, meaning it can stain fairly easily, especially with tea, coffee & fizzy drinks. Also important to remember with a wool carpet is not to buy cheap. Look for a WOOLMARK as the sign of quality. It is always far better to buy a better quality man made carpet than a cheap wool - guaranteed. ALL OUR WOOL CARPETS HAVE BEEN SELECTED FROM MANUFACTURERS USING ONLY 'PURE NEW WOOL'.

Polypropylene is like a carrot! NO! Honestly! The reason it is like a carrot is because it is so colour fast it is the same colour all the way through; it’s not dyed to look a particular colour, it is that colour! This colour fastness is what has made this fibre the fibre of today. Many Polypropylene carpets come in multi-width to save waste (and money).

Over 60% of the carpets we sell nowadays are polypropylene. They are very cleanable, almost impossible to stain, durable, extremely fade resistant and modern propylene is very very strong. It is even bleach cleanable (though only as an absolute last resort!) It's exceptional value for money, and so can be a great carpet option.

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brands we sell Stair Rods
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Why not add stair rods, for that extra finishing touch. Often referred to as carpet rods, rods for runners or even brass carpet rods, stair rods superbly compliment your staircase and provide a beautiful finish to any home. Our brass stair rods come in a variety of ranges with numerous options of finish, finial and length. All of our stair rods are hand made to measure and feature exceptional workmanship and quality.

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